130 kg a fish was caught by Fishing Rod

A fisherman has caught a fish weighing about 130 kg in the Bay of Bengal on the Teknaf coast of Cox’s Bazar. The fish was sold in the local market for 70 thousand taka. However, hunting and selling Shapla fish is prohibited under the Wildlife Conservation Act.

On Friday morning, Shaplapata fish is sold at Paschimpara beach of Shahpari Island in Sabrang Union of Teknaf Upazila. There are crowds of people eager to see the big pan fish.

The fish was sold by local fisherman Abdul Amin. The fish was bought by a wholesale trader named Nur Mohammad of Teknaf. Later, the businessman took the fish to Teknaf Sadar in a jeep.

Fisherman Abdul Amin said that on Thursday night he went fishing in the sea with three fishermen boats. They cast fishing lines into the sea to catch large fish including corals. Large carp fish were caught in Barashi early in the morning. He sold the fish for 70 thousand taka.

The upazila senior fisheries officer said that flat fish roams in the shallow part of the sea. According to the Wildlife Conservation Act of 2012, fishing, buying and selling of Shaplapata is prohibited. Fishermen are encouraged not to catch fish in various meetings and seminars. Yet smuggling is unfortunate.

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